The Association has set up a national email discussion group devoted to criminal law for the benefit of its members and the discussions on-going on this mail group are both lively and informative. This is a member only service. There is the MAIN Listserv (open to all CLA members), as well as a Recent Call Listserv (open to CLA members in their first seven years of practice).

To administer your CLA Listserv settings visit:


Join the MAIN CLA Listserv:

To activate the MAIN CLA Listserv – send an email to anthony@criminallawyers.ca requesting activation with the subject line “MAIN CLA Listserv subscription request.”

Join the RECENT CALL CLA Listserv:

To activate the RECENT CALL CLA Listserv – send an e-mail to anthony@criminallawyers.ca requesting activation with the subject line “RECENT CALL CLA Listserv subscription request.”

Want to respond directly to a Listserv sender versus the entire Listserv?

As a Listserv, the service is designed to build discussion threads and create a history of discussions for members to use as reference materials. We do appreciate there are instances when Listserv users will not want to respond to ALL. If this is the case, do NOT hit “reply” or “reply all” to any Listserv messages if you do not want it to be sent to the entire Listserv group. You will need to create a NEW message and ensure the appropriate recipient e-mail address is in the sender field. You can find the posters email address by hitting reply, removing the listserv@clamail.ca email address from the “to” line and pasting in the email address of the sender which will appear in the text below. Options to update the “reply” function to be able to reply only to the original sender are being investigated, but given the nature of a Listserv is to communicate to a group, this feature is not available at this time.

What can you do if a message is accidently sent to the entire Listserv?

Contact the CLA office ASAP during business hours at anthony@criminallawyers.ca. We can remove the message from the website to ensure it cannot be viewed online at a later date. However, we are not able to retract messages that have already been sent and landed in subscriber email boxes. Always use caution as a best practice.

How do you place a vacation hold on your Listserv Account?

The new CLA Listserv enables you to control your own settings, including halting delivery during vacations. Please go to http://clamail.ca and log in to update your profile — specifically “change email settings.” Change your settings to “web only” for when you do not want to receive Listserv messages to your email. Update to “one email per post” when you want to resume.

Criminal Lawyers’ Association Listserv conditions of use

By participating in the listserv maintained by the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, whether by sending, receiving or reading messages, or being involved in the listserv in any other manner, I agree as follows:

  1. I will not send, re-send or disseminate any material that is defamatory or otherwise actionable.
  2. I will keep the contents of all messages that are distributed on the listserv confidential, and will not share the contents of messages with any person who is not a member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association.  I understand that the other members of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association rely on my undertaking as a fellow solicitor and member of the Law Society of Upper Canada to maintain confidentiality in their decision to use the listserv.
  3. I acknowledge that it would be impractical and undesirable for the listserv to be moderated, censored or controlled by the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, its employees, officers or directors or any other third party.  I agree that I will therefore be solely responsible for the contents of any message I send or disseminate, and agree that I am not relying on the Criminal Lawyers’ Association or any other person to monitor, edit or control the messages that I choose to send or receive.
  4. I will hold the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, and its directors, officers, members, employees, agents and service-providers (collectively, the “CLA”) harmless and will fully indemnify the CLA in respect of any legal demands, proceedings or claims, brought against the CLA by any party, including but not limited to indemnifying the CLA for all legal costs on a full indemnity basis incurred in responding to or dealing with any such claim or demand, (a) in respect of any message I send, re-send or disseminate, or (b) which arise from of a failure on my part to keep the contents of any message confidential as set out above.
  5. I will not institute legal proceedings of any type against the Criminal Lawyers’ Association or its officers, directors, employees, agents and service-providers, in respect of any message that is published on the listserv.
  6. I will not institute legal proceedings of any type against any member of Criminal Lawyers’ Association in respect of any message that is published on the listserv except, and only to the extent it is necessary, to enforce the indemnification provisions set out in paragraph 4 above.